Saying farewell? Here are some tips to make it a healthy experience

Ratna Ling Volunteer
Saying goodbye is difficult for almost everyone, even if the experience was not particularly favorable. For some, it is such a challenge that it can be tempting to avoid it altogether. Last week we said farewell to Kel, a committed returning volunteer for the bindery at Yeshe De Text Preservation. The team at Yeshe De is working each day creating empowerments, collating Tibetan books, and wrapping them for packing. During his stay here, Kel also co-guided a study group for the community on the Four Noble Truths with another dedicated volunteer. Humans are hard-wired to connect, as years of¬†attachment¬†research have shown us. Children depend heavily on their parents for basic survival and this early experience stimulates the growth of neural pathways that establish a foundation of patterns of response to…
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A Walk Through the Woods

Skillful Means
Sunday is our usual day off from work practice. We generally all try to make the most of it by making time to do the things that really bring us joy. Last Sunday was no exception. Most of us opted for a trip to the beach because the weather was absolute perfection. We had sunshine, blue skies, calm air and time. So much time. Three of us volunteers decided to walk there. It is about a 10-mile hike depending on which trails you take. We opted for the North Trail, which takes you through Salt Point State Park. This State Park is home to acres of California's famous redwood trees. We also learned along the way that the lesser-known bishop pine is the first line of defense from the chilly…
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