When the world asks you to go within

Ratna Ling Volunteer
What does it mean to go inside oneself? Often there is hesitancy because we don’t fully understand how it works and more importantly, we can’t be sure what we may find there. The riddles found in the personal growth section of your bookstore do little to clear this up for us. What we come to understand through the inner work offered at Ratna Ling is that we are in fact going within everyday of our lives. When your friend asks how you are feeling or  your boss asks if you have hit that deadline, your attention is automatically taken from the outside world to the inside one. When you take an intentional look inside, you are offered, effectively, the Greatest Show on Earth. It’s where you’ll discover who you are,…
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Volunteer Retreat Day

Volunteer Retreat
  Wednesday, January 25 was a particularly special day at Ratna Ling Retreat Center for the volunteers here. We held our first bi-annual Volunteer Retreat! For anyone unfamiliar with the staff at Ratna Ling Retreat Center, we are operated entirely by a volunteer staff. Each volunteer here makes a 6-month commitment to work and study at Ratna Ling. When you make the choice to commit your time here, you are welcomed into a community of supportive and mindful individuals who are living their Dharma practice through meaningful work and both guided and self-study. What this means for our guests, is that each interaction with a staff member is an opportunity to help us, through practical experience, take what we learn on the meditation cushion and use it in our everyday…
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