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Ratna Ling Daily Schedule (Monday- Saturday)

6:00-6:50am               Kum Nye Practice (optional)

7:00-8:00am               Breakfast and Getting Ready

8:00-8:15am               Morning Circle: Chanting

8:15am-12:30pm      Work Practice

12:30-1:30pm              Lunch

1:30-5:00pm               Work Practice

5:00-7:00pm               Evening Classes or Meditation and Dinner



Living at Ratna Ling means being a part of a uniquely hard-working spiritual community. You will get the most out of the program if you dedicate time for classes, while maintaining balance for yourself. The day begins for some volunteers at 6am, while others may prefer to take classes in the evenings.

The work commitment time is 6 days/week, 8 hours/day. The weekly day off varies depending on your project assignment. Six days of working and evening classes can feel like a lot at first, but you soon may find that your days are more meaningful and enjoyable compared to any “job” you’ve had in the past.

Wednesday morning from 8AM-10AM is dedicated to community chores, upkeep of the property, and community meetings. The rest of Wednesday’s work practice is with regular assigned projects.  Classes and practice sessions are offered at various times throughout the week and usually change quarterly.