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Ratna Ling offers all volunteers an integrated program that combines work with  both traditional and contemporary practice and study. Centered around Skillful Means , Tibetan Yoga ( Kum Nye) and meditation, the class and practice curriculum offers a comprehensive approach to integrating spiritual practice with daily life and supports the development of stable, regular practice . You do not need to have any particular background in Buddhism or other spiritual traditions to participate.

The weekly schedule includes classes almost every night beginning at 6:00 pm. There are also optional morning sessions in Kum Nye (Tibetan yoga) five mornings per week.

Students are asked to bring open and inquisitive minds and to be active participants in and out of class. In addition to attending classes, practice at work and out of work is central to success in this program. Through study and practice we are able to use everyday situations in work and life for a practical and beneficial exploration of Buddhist teachings and practice. We look forward to having  you join us in our practice and study of the Dharma!

The classes at Ratna Ling are meant to be an integral part of your experience here and most are based on the works of Tarthang Tulku.  Each volunteer is asked to commit to at least two classes, but many volunteers take more!

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This class covers the fundamental orientation of the Nyingma organizations: work as a spiritual path. Classes encourage exploration of attitudes and ways of working that develop our inner potential and fill our lives with satisfying accomplishments. Topics include time, awareness, concentration, and energy, working with resistance and resentment and more.

Based on Skillful Means  and Mastering Successful Work by Tarthang Tulku.

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The key to both our internal integration and a balanced relationship with the world lies within our feelings and sensations. We can nurture and heal both our bodies and minds by touching our feelings deeply and expanding the flowing rhythms they bring to us, for they are linked to the energy of the universe itself. This energy can stimulate itself internally to sustain and nurture us in our daily lives, recycling residues of blocked emotional patterns and making us alive and well: we are in balance. Kum Nye Yoga is the art of developing this balance. This class will work with theory and exercises from Kum Nye – Tibetan Yoga.

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This class is based largely on Dharma Publishing’s Crystal Mirror series and gives needed context for Westerners encountering the Buddhist teachings. Classes cover a wide range of topics, including the history of Buddhism in India, Tibet and throughout Asia, life stories of great Buddhist masters, the structure of the Buddha’s teachings, the varieties of Buddhist canonical literature, the origins of our Nyingma organizations and more.