Volunteer Testimonials


“The volunteer program at Ratna Ling is a great way to immerse yourself in a distinctly western interpretation of Buddhist thought and philosophy. The grounds are stunning, the weather is beautiful and the other volunteers are consistently friendly and supportive. Working to help support initiatives as large and impactful as we do here is a good contrast to my work experience in the past, and will inform my future decision-making and even life choices. It’s a wonderful experience, and one that you’ll certainly remember for a lifetime. Can’t recommend it enough!”


“Each day is extremely challenging yet extremely rewarding. Moment by moment I am pushed until I reach my edge, exposed, and then asked to look honestly at my own self-imposed limitations. Then we are given tools to learn how to relax and to stay open when old habits tell us to shut down. And it is here, in the ‘staying open’, that I have learned a new way to be that is brimming with limitless potential. This program has changed my life.”


“This program is so rich in resources, from your fellow community members who are all your teachers, to the texts Rinpoche provides, to the encouragement to experiment with your own ideas. Each day I feel the need to take advantage of it! I appreciate all Ratna Ling has opened my eyes to. I will encourage all my friends and loved ones to experience this unique opportunity!”