Working Here

Ratna Ling residential volunteers work in one of four organizations on the propery:

  • Ratna Ling Retreat Center
  • Yeshe De Text Preservation Project
  • Dharma Publishing
  • Sarnath International Nyingma Institute

Wherever the work placement, our volunteers learn valuable job and life skills. Each organization strives to put Buddhist principles and teachings into practice. They also all present great opportunities for obtaining job training in a variety of resume building work skills.

Ratna Ling volunteers utilize Skillful Means as a practical guide for turning work into “work practice”; using work as an opportunity to train our minds and gain deeper insights. 

Throughout the week each individual is given countless opportunities during their regular work day to cultivate greater self-knowledge. This insight and experience can lead to positive changes in both work and life.

We welcome new volunteers for all four organizations all year round!